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I consider myself so fortunate to be able to have been raised to be bilingual. Being able to understand Spanish has given me the ability to be able to interact with family that I wouldn’t have been otherwise been able to. I’ve also been able to enjoy Spanish music in a way that perhaps I wouldn’t have been able to had I not had a grasp on the language. Not only are there great cultural reasons to speak another language, there have been studies showing that being bilingual can help with multitasking, as well as possibly delay the onset of Alzheimer’s.

Baby Billy

Before I had my little guy, I always thought it would be a no brainer that I would be teaching my kids Spanish. I received lots of baby books in Spanish to help me with my goals. After Billy came into the world, and the months after, I found myself speaking mostly English to him. I felt so awkward speaking to my baby in the language that I knew, but wasn’t the most comfortable with. I did not realize how difficult it would be to take on this goal without the family support and the environment that I had growing up with plenty of native Spanish speakers.

I’m thrilled that the local schools are doing dual language programs, so that once he is ready for kindergarten, there will be the kind of support and reinforcement that hopefully will help him gain a mastery of the language. I do want to come up with ways that I can start doing things now. He does love music, so I know that would be a no brainer. Reading in Spanish he’s already showing resistance to.

What are your favorite Spanish children’s songs? Any suggestions for me?


This week has had it’s ups and downs, but I always feel like there are more ups than down. Billy has learned to jump off the floor, which is a huge deal since he is probably the most cautious little boy out there. Potty training accidents are fewer this week, but there have been two AM baths required.

I’ve started doing barre3 online, which I’m loving! Unfortunately, this cold Billy and I have gotten has put a bit of a damper on my will to exercise. I will get back on it, after a few days of  Tylenol Cold Extra Strength and some much needed rest.

On the plus side, we’ve started calling contractors to come in for kitchen quotes. I also won $100 in the Powerball yesterday! I’m thinking a nice dinner out with our extra winnings.


The last time I really posted, I was pregnant with this little guy. I have to admit, I did not like being pregnant and felt like I was falling apart for months. But ever the planner, I kept myself occupied for motherhood and my new reality as a SAHM. I did throughly enjoy researching every baby registry item, learning about the five Ses and practicing hypo birthing techniques every day.

The day came where I went into labor, right in the early morning. I was doing pretty well throughout, even though thanks to a certain 98 percentile head, I ended up pushing for four hours. I don’t think I could really describe what it was like to have Billy placed on me after all was said and done. What I didn’t prepare myself for being told that there was something wrong. The hospital transfers after the news, and then getting told that his heart needed surgery, and rather quickly.

I am so grateful that he is heathy after going through that initial bump in the road. We have since been spending our days learning and growing from each other. I did not imagine that I would have been staying at home, but I have found it to be so much more rewarding than I had anticipated. The last few years have inspired me, in a few words, to lead a more meaningful life. I hope that you follow me along trying to work on that goal.

IMG_2815Hello There! I know there’s a few people out there who have stopped in since two years ago. Thanks so much for checking in when I really was neglecting this space the past couple of years. But I believe that for now, I am back to writing and sharing what my whereabouts and thoughts are. There’s a whole lot that is happened in the last two years, so I’ll give little updates on that as well. I hope that you all have had a great holiday season, and join me in starting 2016 with just a bit of spark.

24 weeks

So, hey there! It has been ages since I’ve written something here. I had this intention of what my summer was going to be, and then we were taken for quite the loop when finding out days before my husband’s 30th birthday that we would be expecting. I have to be honest, I wasn’t exactly thrilled the first few days. I realize that the reaction isn’t what people would envision for someone in my situation, but I want to put it out there because that was my reality. I am such a planner, and this was not supposed to be in the cards for at least a little while. Not only that, I got really overwhelmed about the idea of being a mother. I have never really been around babies, how could I possibly be a good mother? Yeah, I freaked out. But then I took a big breath, put my big girl panties on, and figured out how to go forward.

That meant going HAM on what all of this was going to entail. I embraced what God had in store for us, and accepted, and then I read. I spent my days reading about pregnancy. How the baby grows and what changes to expect physically and emotionally. After I did that, I started to read up on what to actually do with the bundle of joy. WTF was an umbrella stroller?? Heck, even the basic, what do you need for a diaper change??

So instead of updating my blog, I just threw myself into this. Youtube was super helpful to start off with. I can’t even tell you how many of the CloudMom videos I watched. The lady has 5 kids, she must know what she is talking about! Videos led into Pinterest, and mommy blogs, and now a much more confident, excited mom to be!

I’ll be documenting here things I read up about along the way and how everything is working, in addition to all the other interests I had pre baby. Less than a month to go, cannot wait!