Starting Our Kitchen Redesign

While the last year seemed to be a year full of travels and wedding activities, this year we are hoping to focus on a bit more on our little Cape Cod. The big ticket item that we are super excited to start with is our kitchen. While it’s not the worst kitchen, the cabinets have seen better days, and we could certainly use some more storage. Plus, would love a beautiful workplace for cooking and crafting with Billy.


Our current kitchen

We knew that since we consider this our starter home, we wanted to get as much bang for our buck that we can get. And who does that better than anyone else but IKEA? But just going an hour on their home planner is enough to knock some of the excitement out of you. After some Google searching, I came across Inspired Kitchen Design and immediately got excited. Virtual kitchen designers that help optimize our space and putting to paper what we have in mind, I could not be more excited. Bill was a good sport being pulled away from the Eagles and helped get all the measurements that were needed to start the process. I have some ideas for the overall look, so I’ll keep you guys posted as the kitchen progresses.



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