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One of the areas that I want to focus on this year is making our home work better for us. Right now, we have an empty room that we have meant to have as Billy’s big boy room in a few years. That room, however, has become kind of a catch all storage room. Having a small living room with a fair amount of toys is starting to make it a bit claustrophobic. Having an area that Billy can have as much fun as he wants and keeps the living room adultish is a win win for all. I’m also thinking that getting used to the area he will sleep in at night will make it less scary once we do make that transition.

I’m thinking of doing Jetstream Blue as a wall color, and doing an accent wall in a temporary wallpaper will make the playroom youthful and fun without being juvenile . I came across the transportation artwork on Easy, and I like bringing a bit of an international influence into the room that can perhaps inspire him about all the places he can go. We got the Kallax bookshelf at our last IKEA visit, which we are hoping to use for toy and book storage. I’ve found on Pinterest the idea of using the bookshelf as a reading bench that would add additional seating. The teepee is currently in our living room and loved by Bo, but we are hoping that as Billy gets older, he will enjoy using it with friends as much as our dog loves it.

What do you guys think? I’m so excited to get started on this and will keep you updated as this progresses.

Billy's Preppy Toddler Playroom Bedroom