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My Wintertime Essentials

Little luxuries to help get you through the winter

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We have been officially New Englanders for the past three years, which is crazy that time has flown so much. For pretty much the entire time, January and February have been the least enjoyable months here for me. Short of doing a getaway like we did last February, here are a few of my favorite things that help make the next few months a bit more bearable.

  1. I just got this robe for Christmas, and I love that I get to have a mini hotel experience getting out of the shower or out of bed. The Turkish cotton makes it so darn soft, and I love the monogram detail.
  2. We currently don’t have a fireplace in our living room, but with this sweet little candle, you get to experience all the wonderful smells of one. I’ve tried other less expensive fireplace candles, and it just doesn’t hold a candle (ha!) to this smell.
  3. I love a good throw for cuddling while watching movies. While what we have on our sofa is a lovely chenille one from Pottery Barn, my dream is to one day get a throw made with alpaca wool.
  4. Silly Cow Farms Hot Chocolate is one of the best hot chocolates I’ve tried out. I have to admit too that I’m a sucker for the cute packaging.
  5. I bought these socks on Block Island a couple of years ago, and they started my love affair with all things alpaca. Warm and toast indoors or with your Bean boots on, it brings a bit of luxe to your tootsies.
  6. It took me a bit of time to really find a tea that I look forward to brewing. It’s a black tea with lavender and bergamot that I like with just a bit of milk. If you like an Earl Grey or a Lady Grey, it’s worth checking out.
  7. I’ve found that a hot mustard bath to relax in and it has really helped with any achy muscles I might have from lugging around a toddler. Bonus is the incredibly soft skin that I get after sitting in the bath for thirty minutes.

What helps you get through the winter?