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The last time I really posted, I was pregnant with this little guy. I have to admit, I did not like being pregnant and felt like I was falling apart for months. But ever the planner, I kept myself occupied for motherhood and my new reality as a SAHM. I did throughly enjoy researching every baby registry item, learning about the five Ses and practicing hypo birthing techniques every day.

The day came where I went into labor, right in the early morning. I was doing pretty well throughout, even though thanks to a certain 98 percentile head, I ended up pushing for four hours. I don’t think I could really describe what it was like to have Billy placed on me after all was said and done. What I didn’t prepare myself for being told that there was something wrong. The hospital transfers after the news, and then getting told that his heart needed surgery, and rather quickly.

I am so grateful that he is heathy after going through that initial bump in the road. We have since been spending our days learning and growing from each other. I did not imagine that I would have been staying at home, but I have found it to be so much more rewarding than I had anticipated. The last few years have inspired me, in a few words, to lead a more meaningful life. I hope that you follow me along trying to work on that goal.

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